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Animal Based Gatherings 

Experience The Animal based Diet 

Welcome To The Community

It's a coming together of like-minded individuals who appreciate where we have come from as humans.  We welcome all who appreciate our history as humans on this planet in terms of diet, play, exercise, sun exposure, and lifestyle overall, and who seek to share their enthusiasm for these things in community with other like-minded individuals, in a location that allows them to be fully human.


The first animal based gathering occurred in July 2021 in Costa Rica, and was a roaring success.  The second gathering was held in March 2022, and was even better.  Costa Rica is a place that I (Paul) have chosen to call home for the majority of my time.  Being in CR has helped me to remember who I am as a human and think more deeply about what it means to be human.  It is my hope that by bringing others into this space, a similar examination will be sparked in a community based setting.

Increasingly, in today's world, we find ourselves isolated, vulcanized, cut off from those who share our perspectives on the world. Sadly, expressing a perspective on the world that is different from the mainstream narrative leads to being ostracized.  So many of us are left feeling even more alone.  The purpose of the gatherings is to remind us that there are others who think similarly. There are others who seek to remember where we came from as humans, and who wish to cultivate that sentiment in community that allows all of to be stronger and more nourished as humans.  


The purpose of these events is not simply to create community, but to also support our non-profit organization, the Animal Based Nutrition Research Foundation. The proceeds of ticket sales will be allocated to fund research devoted to understanding the true nature of an evolutionarily consistent diet for humans. Through funding of research aimed at demonstrating the indispensable value of animal meat and organ in the human diet, the foundation's vision is to change the medical and nutritional landscape of the United States for the better. 

The Animal Based Nutrition Research Foundation is dedicated to influencing the change of western medical education so that future generations of health care practitioners will benefit from an understanding of what is truly an evolutionarily appropriate diet for humans. 

What Makes Our Events Special

Unencumbered community with like minded individuals

Further your understanding of ancestral principals related to nutrition, movement,
and lifestyle

Time in the Wilderness With Your Tribe



The 2021 gathering was such a great experience for me. Definitely a growth opportunity in many ways… Traveling to another country, solo, not knowing the language, was a little scary, but the people in CR are so friendly and helpful. I'm also sort of an introvert, so the idea of hanging out with a bunch of folks I didn't know, and rooming with folks I've never met before was a little daunting. But more than the discomfort it caused me to think about doing these things, was my desire to connect with like minded people. I didn't know any carnivores from Denver till joining the CR group! I'm so glad I went! The experience gave me more self confidence and expanded my network, and my knowledge base on a variety of interesting topics. It was so great to be able to talk about my interests, like eating raw organs, and not get funny looks or make someone want to puke. I made some dear friends in Costa Rica, and did some radical things I've never done before, like jump off a 35ft waterfall and surfing. It's a do over!


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