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  • What is included, and what is NOT included in my ticket price?
    There's so much included in your ticket price. We promise the value totally outweighs the dollar amount. Just ask anyone who has ever been to an event! Included in your ticket price are group activities, such as excursions, surf lessons, dance lessons, fruit tastings, organ tastings, podcast recordings, other education, some transportation (indicated specifically in the event description), a charitable donation to the Animal Based Nutrition Research Foundation, and dinners. The specifics vary from year to year. Items that are not included are lodging, travel, car rentals, breakfasts (unless you stay at the host resort), and lunches (unless included in an excursion).
  • Where should I stay?
    We recommend you book a room at the host resort, La Cusinga Lodge, or stay nearby the lodge. Uvita is a bit spread out, so it's important to stay as close to the host resort as possible. is the website. Please note that you MUST call to book your room, because online the resort will look booked because we have the entire place reserved for our guests. Please reference the animal-based group when you call.
  • How do I book a room at the host hotel?
    You must call+506 2770 2549 to book your room at the La Cusinga Lodge. They are on WhatsApp. If you try to book online, it will look as if there is no availability because we have the entire resort reserved. Please reference the animal based gathering when you call, and they will get you to the right person to reserve your room and coordinate a shuttle for you from the San Jose Airport, should you need one.
  • If I don't get a room at the host hotel, where should I stay?
    Bahía Azul (506) 8886 7435 Ballena Paraíso (506) 8358 5917 Cristal Ballena (506) 2786 53 54 El Tecal (506) 8301 4822 Finca Bavaria (506) 8355 4465 Hotel Canto Ballena (506) 2743 8085 Hotel Marino Ballena (506) 8838 9000 Nido del Halcón (506) 2743 8373 Vista Ballena (506) 2743 8150 Vista Celestial (506) 8523-0627 Other lodging:
  • Do I need to be vaccinated to travel to Costa Rica or enter businesses once there?
    At the time of us writing this answer, vaccines are not a requirement to travel to Costa Rica. For up-to-date information about travel requirements, we suggest visiting:,, and also your country's, and airline's travel resource pages. Requirements change frequently and vary among regions and countries.
  • Do I need to speak spanish in order to navigate the area?
    While it is useful to know the language, most people in Costa Rica also speak English. It will be helpful to use a translation app for cab drivers, however
  • Are there mosquitoes?
    Yes, we recommend using natural essentail oils or tallow to fend them off. Mosquito bites can lead to Denge Feaver.
  • Where can I purchase meat for breakfast and lunch?
    We recommend placing an order with Grass Fed Costa Rica. Diego will deliver to the group. You can contact him directly on WhatsApp: 506.8437.5328
  • What are we supposed to do with the "free" time?"
    We recommend exploring the area with others that want to do the same things as you. Hike to the waterfall and jump off, horseback riding, fishing, etc. Check with the La Cusinga Lodge Concierge for ideas and assistance booking. +506 2770 2549 is their number.
  • Is there a contact person for the event I can reach if I have an urgent question?
    Yes. Erin Vallier can be reached on WhatsApp at 720.291.1467
  • How long should I plan to stay in CR?
    We recommend that you plan to arrive at least one day early, and stay at least one extra day. Sometimes travel can be interrupted, and you don't want to risk missing out on the fun because a flight got delayed or canceled. Plus, many people will stay for several days afterward, so there will be more opportunities to hang with the remaning group members.
  • How much cash should I bring?
    We recommend Colones. Bring the equivalent of $200 USD, and that should take care of you while you are here.
  • How do I donate to the Animal Based Nutrition Research Foundation?
    Donate on our website at, Contact Erin Vallier on WhatsApp at 720.291.1467, or visit the donate page on this website.
  • I have called a business in Costa Rica many times but they have never answered. What is the best way to reach them?
    Try reaching out to them with a text message useing "WhatsApp" with the same number. WhatsApp is very popular in Costa Rica and you are more likely to get a response this way.
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